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About Kristian Daniels

Hi, I’m Kristian Daniels. I’m a Canadian author who loves a good romance. I’ve been writing and imagining stories since I was twelve years old. I’m a romantic guy at heart, so my upcoming novel “Stolen Heart” is about love, friendship and heartache.

I studied clothing design in Montreal, Canada, when I was eighteen with the intention of having a career as a designer. I did design clothes, I design them for for people in my town and for local theatre groups.

My other passions

In my free time, I took dance classes in jazz and ballet and performed as a dancer and actor in musicals theatre in my home town. With my dance training, I taught dance in my community center to kids and teens and had them showcase their hard work in a show.

Another passion of mine was singing. Since I was a kid I wanted to sing, I joined a local theatre group who staged musicals. Later on in my late twenties, early thirties, I joined a men’s choir. I’ve always considered myself creative. Music, films, plays and books have always played a big part of my life. You could say I’m a dreamer.

Driven by music and the goal of staying fit and helping others do the same, I became a fitness instructor and eventually owned a fitness studio and I used my dance background and my love of music to create upbeat and fun fitness classes.

I love writing and telling stories. The stories I like to share with people are ones that have touched people’s lives, whether it was love, breakup, secret love, painful time and happy times.

When I’m not writing my next book, I enjoy spending time with friends and family and my two dogs.

I hope you enjoy reading my stories and the adventures of my characters as much as I enjoyed creating them. Remember, Love is Love, no matter who you Love. God bless.

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