Sins of our Sons

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Description: Young lovers Greg and Tyler secretly meet to spend time together, until a moment of passion by the moonlight throws their lives into chaos. When their parents learn about their little escapade, it opens a Pandora’s box that spreads family discord, resentment, and heartaches. When someone adds fuel to an already fragile situation, things get out of hands quickly. Will these two young lovers stay safe? How much can they endure before they break?

Why do I write about homophobia and hate crimes?

These are two social subjects that sadden me and hurt me deeply whenever I hear or read about them.

I’m not a young man anymore. I don’t consider myself old either, even though I’m 67 years old, I am active and exercise. When I was growing up, being gay was basically hush, hush, at least where I grew up, and I’m certain other places too.

Being laughed at, ostracized, and bullied was something I lived through most of my middle school years. To keep the evil tongues at bay and stop the name-calling and laughter, I started dating a girl in high school. We’d go dancing every Friday night at the community center, so as long as I was dating someone the opposite sex, the teasing ceased.

I was bullied, intimidated, and laughed at well into my late twenties, it deeply scarred me. I eventually met some wonderful gay friends, and my life began to make sense.

Fast forward twenty years, and you know, as much I would hope from generation to generation humanity would be more accepting of difference in people, I see much of what I went through still present today. Why haven’t we evolved in acceptance? Why is being different such a stigma for people in today’s society?

Is it because some generations held on to past intolerance and passed it on to their immediate entourage, and these intolerances flourish from family to family?  I think it’s important to talk about this to educate people about what hate and bullying do to people, young and old. This is a reason why I decided to write stories about homophobia and hate crimes. It’s close to my heart, and if my stories touch people and see how much someone suffers when they’re bullied, laughed at and ostracized, and If I can have bullies and homophobic become more tolerant and acceptant, that would be a step forward in a loving and accepting society.

Kristian Daniels

What my next book is about

Today I’m going to tell you about the next book I’m writing. I’m doing some final editing on my first book, which I suspect should be published May-June time frame. If you’ve read “Stolen Heart” book story’s synopsis, which I posted on my website and other social media, the next book that I’m working on is a similar genre.

This next book story revolves around four individuals in different cities living similar situations. All four guys have to deal with family, religion and tolerance. Two of them meet through work, Trevor is single, and Neil lives with a woman. Neil and Amanda have been together for three years and have lived together for one of those years.  Trevor moved away from home after having had a dispute with his folks. Trevor is gay, and Neil has been covering up his true self behind Amanda, but he will come into his own through Trevor.

In Cardston’s lives, two eighteen years old who discover who they are after having dated several girls. Greg is the captain of his High School football team and is raised by a strict Catholic father and a compassionate mother. Tyler comes from a Baptist family with strict family values. The two of them met at a hockey game even though they attend the same school. After this initial encounter, they bump into each other, and from there, they see each other more frequently. But the poor guys are caught having sex by schoolmates on a school trip to a camp. Their lives suddenly become a living nightmare, especially with their religious parents.

All four of them will live a roller coaster of emotions and torments. Their life will be surrounded with hate, rejection, hurt and disapproval. They will need to be strong to survive this.

I like to write the kind of story involving situations the LGBTQ community have lived through, what I’ve lived through, and what gay young and older men have suffered through just because of who they were. I’m hoping that my books opened people’s eyes to what hate and discrimination do and the scars it leaves.  

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