5 stars for Sins of Our Sons by Kristian Daniels

One night of passion leads two young lovers down a slippery slope of bitterness, deceit, and betrayal. Greg and Tyler are young and in love. They keep their relationship a secret from everyone, especially their parents. They sneak off for clandestine meetings and it all seems so innocent until one fateful night. Greg and Tyler don’t know what to do or how to make their parents understand. Suddenly, what was beautiful is now dirty and unclean. As they struggle to wade through a hurricane of resentment, distrust, and where they belong, a betrayal hits too close to home. Can they stay safe and together or will the sins of our sons destroy their relationship and love?

Sins of Our Sons is a moving coming-of-age story reaffirming the power of love. No matter what your view on gay love, Sins of Our Sons will make an impact on you. This book is character-driven and the main characters, Greg and Tyler, leap from the page and into your heart. Their relationship brings truth to what many gay couples go through. The anguish is poignantly portrayed through descriptive narration and deep POV. Kristian Daniels intricately details every aspect of what happens when someone comes out in a rural community. My heart ached for them over and over again. The other characters are well-portrayed and while I didn’t agree with their motives, they are in-line with views from parts of today’s society. A brilliant gay coming-of-age story that needs to be read by the masses, Sins of Our Sons will stick with you long after you finish reading. Highly recommend!

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