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Hope your are having an excellent summer. As per my last post, I did finally move to my new home but not quite settled yet as I have some renovations that will be done in August-Sept timeframe. I’ve started my research for my next book. I’ve been reading lately about a subject that is tearing my heart apart, LGBTQ young adult and youth suicide. It’s hard to imagine in today’s modern society there is this strong resistance to accept as equal LGBTQ and other ethnicity. This lack of acceptance, bullying, harassment and being shone by family all of this is very taxing on someone who is having this internal combat with themselves about who they are and the fear that comes with discovering they are different.

Although help is available, when you’re struggling alone, don’t know who to turn to, afraid to lose your best friend and good friends if they find out, most will keep it to themselves and try to live with it. Their way of coping is sometimes worst because it involves, alcohol, drugs and other addictions. I think its important to try to open ourselves up and seek help from friends or just sit down with someone you trust and talk about what it, cry about it if you need to and live to tell about it and help others.

Let me know what you think. Your feedback is always appreciated.

I have posted on Facebook ( Kristian Daniels | Facebook) and Instagram (Dan Bougie/Kristian Daniels (@dan_the_boogie_man) a review done of my book Stolen Heart. I’m always grateful to read the what other readers think of the story told in Stolen Heart. If you have read it, let me know. Other reviews have been posted on Goodreads as well if you would like to read them and find out what others have thought of the book. My second novel titled The Sins of our Sons is being edited as we speak and I’m hoping that it will be ready for publication soon.

If you like my blog and what I write about, tell you friends, spread the word and perhaps through my stories I can change the way people view and think about the LGBTQ community and ethnicity. It would be one of my greatest wish and accomplishment. Thank you all for reading my blog and your support. Until next time.

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